Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bugsy (1991)

You never really hear Bugsy mentioned in the same breath will all the brilliant, epic mob movies we've seen over the last forty years. There's a reason for that, it sucks. I really could not stand this movie. I think Warren Beatty is one of the most overrated actors of all time. Just because you look like a leading man, it doesn't mean you are one. He tried to give a complex performance but I just couldn't believe him.

I'm really stunned that this movie got so many Oscar nominations. Nothing looked authentic at all. You could tell that every single shot took place on a Hollywood set. Even the actors didn't look right. It was weird seeing Ben Kingsly have hair and Harvey Keitel without it. It's a petty example I know, but the wigs they used were so awful looking that it illustrates the problem with the whole movie: it all looked incredibly fake.

The real shame here is that director Barry Levinson made an incredible supporting cast look like amateurs. With Annette Bening, Harvey Keitel, Ben Kingsley, and Joe Mantegna this movie really could have been a classic. Instead, you're left scratching your head and wondering what the hell happened?

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The Standard 5:

Why is it in your queue? It's a mob movie and on paper had an incredible cast.

Is it artsy? Nope, it's crappy.

Best thing about the movie? The end credits.

What mood should I be in to watch this movie? A mood where you don't really feel like paying attention to what's on the screen.

What rating did you give it on Netflix? 2 Stars.

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