Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Zombies of Mass Destruction (2009)

Featuring: Janette Armand, Doug Fahl, Cooper Hopkins
Director:  Kevin Hamedani

Warning: This movie is only streaming until March 23rd so act fast!

I, and it seems everyone else in the world these days, love zombies. There are probably about 30 zombie movies in my queue that I've yet to watch, but I will, despite how awful most of them look. Most zombie movies that have come out lately have been rather low-budget affairs that look to cash in on America's love affair with zombies. This movie is no exception, but really that isn't a bad thing. Headshots and bad special effects just take me to a warm and fuzzy place.

While I wouldn't go so far as to say this is a good zombie movie, it is probably the best of the bad. With a bigger budget they probably could have afforded some actors that weren't as stiff as their zombie counterparts. The only actors that were any good were the Iranian girl and the two gay guys. So what makes this better than your standard b-movie zombie fare? The script was really pretty damn good. The movie is set during the strangeness that was the Bush years (as you could probably tell from the title) and for the most part it makes for pretty good satire. And as we all know, zombie movies that comment on society are always the best kind.

If you like zombie movies you should definitely give this one a look. It has just the right mix of satire, humor and strange violence to hit the spot for your average zombie lover. It's really a shame this one didn't get a bit better financing because the potential was there for it to be one of the better zombie movies I've seen. As it stands, it's a good bad movie that kept me entertained for an hour and a half.

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According to this movie will be available for streaming on Netflix until 3/23/11.

The Standard 5:

Why is it in your queue? See the word 'zombie' in the title? Yep, that's the reason.

Is it artsy? No, I still never seen an artsy zombie movie.

What stood out the most to you? How creepy the combination of Republicans and zombies can be.

What mood should I be in to watch this movie? Looking for some laughs and zombie killing goodness.

What rating did you give it on Netflix? 3 Stars. 


SPOILER ALERT: Talking about the movie is encouraged in the comment section. Read at your own risk.

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