Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988)

Featuring: Daniel Day-Lewis, Juliette Binoche, Lena Olin. Director: Philip Kaufman

Warning: This movie is only supposed to stream until April 15th so act fast!

This is one sex-filled movie and not in an exploitative way. There is just a lot of sex, hot sex too. Some combination of Daniel Day-Lewis, Juliette Binoche and Lena Olin goes at it about every fifteen minutes, and this movie is nearly 3 hours long. That's a lot of whoopee.

Another cool thing about this film is that it happens to be the first time Daniel Day-Lewis starred in a leading role and he doesn't disappoint. At some point while watching this movie I realized that Day-Lewis is probably the most intense actor ever if you forget about the genius of Marlon Brando. He's just an incredible talent, and while he's gotten plenty of recognition from the Academy, I don't think he gets the credit he deserves with people that aren't in the industry.

In this film Day-Lewis plays a womanizing doctor in 60's Prague who has the uncanny ability to get any woman to take off their clothes just by staring at them and saying, simply enough, take off your clothes. Seriously, I need to work on my body language and develop an intense stare so that I can get the ladies naked so easily. Then all of a sudden Soviet tanks role in and the movie is sort of political for a while. Then it's about sex again and then it's sort of over.

The plot really sort of held this movie back in my opinion. The acting is all phenomenal, the setting is beautiful and the sex was hot and naughty. The movie seemed disjointed, the ending was disappointing and it ran longer than it needed to. That being said, the great acting and the hot sexin kept me interested enough and it's worth checking out this film just for that.

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According to Netflix this movie will stop streaming 4/15/11. Of course, sometimes they lie.

The Standard 5:

Why is it in your queue? Daniel Day-Lewis is an acting God.

Is it artsy? Yes, it's too long and you're left wondering what the point is. On the bright side, that means good acting and hot sex.

What stood out the most to you? "Take off your clothes".

What mood should I be in to watch this movie? Horny, and preferably watching with someone else who is horny.

What rating did you give it on Netflix? 3 Stars. 


  1. Sounds like a gem, but Daniel Day-Lewis kind of scares me. He is really intense -- like Christian Bale intense. While I think both these actors could legitimately kill someone, I am much more afraid of DDL. He just seems like a guy that knows how to do things.

  2. Ha, couldn't agree more. That man could stare a hole through a brick wall.


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