Thursday, December 22, 2011

Product Review:

If you're a heavy user of Netflix like me (and you must be to read an obscure review blog like this one), then you probably have hundreds of titles in your instant queue. If you do, then they are probably in no particular order at all. A completely random mess. If you're one of those anal retentive types then it probably drives you completely nuts and if you're normal it's probably at least a mild annoyance. Sometimes picking out what to watch from your queue can take almost as long whatever it is you eventually decide to watch.

I came across when I started this blog up. I was looking for a way to figure out when Netflix movies are set to expire because a number of times I wrote a review and then the movie was no longer streaming a week later. It made my life a lot easier when I realized's database shows the expiration date for every streaming title. After poking around a bit I realized that with the premium service you can actually sort your queue by when titles are expiring and it really was a godsend when it came to writing this blog. I signed up for the week-long free preview and loved it. I could make my queue all pretty like without spending hours messing around. You just link your Netflix account to the premium service and you can sort it in all sorts of ways like by genre, year, rating and the like. There are other features like being able to save titles you want marked but not in your queue, and the ability to have subusers with different queues. To me, however, the real meat and potatoes of this site is being able to organize your queue. I love that feature.

I can't recommend this product to everyone, but if you're a heavy Netflix user and can't stand the chaos anymore then you owe it to yourself to at least sign up for the free preview and see if it makes your life easier. The years subscription is only ten bucks a year if you do end up enjoying it. Oh, and if you happen to run a movie site like myself you might even be able to score a year for free. And yes, I realize that makes me sound like a total shill, but I wouldn't go to all this trouble to promote something I wasn't going to use.

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